Ability Employers

Ability Employers is a group of employers shaping Inclusive and Diverse Workplaces. By networking within the business community, and building partnerships and resources with other organizations, we help drive business success through inclusion and diversity.

Originally founded in 2003 as the Greater Halifax Business Leadership Network (GHBLN), the organization changed its name in 2012 to Ability Employers, and our current Board of Directors is excited about the 2019-2020 plan, which includes offering professional development and networking opportunities for Nova Scotia employers; exploring options for increased funding for Ability Employers; and achieving targets for membership growth.


Proposed Slate of Directors 2019-2020

Paul Keinick, CoChair, Sobey
Tanisha Clish, CoChair, Innovative Floor Care Floria Aghdamimemhr
Floria Aghdamimemhr, Recognize Your Potential
Janice Ainsworth, Treasurer and Agent, TEAM Work Cooperative Ltd.
Judy Turner, Secretary, TEAM Work Cooperative Ltd.
Melanie Wells, Casino Nova Scotia
Donna Gallant, Consultant
Lynn Bruyere, TEAM Work Cooperative Ltd.
Carol Logan, Prince George Hotel and Cambridge Suites
Kyle Turner, ISANS
Rae Tench, Credential Financial Strategies Inc.
Joe Frazer, NSCC
Matt Thomson, P4G

Join Us

We are always looking to welcome new members. Whether you are a Manager, owner of a small business, CEO of a large company or HR professional members want your perspective at the table. By joining, you will expand your network of like-minded employers while increasing the diversity of perspectives on inclusion in the workplace. Together, we share ideas about our practices in recruitment, support and retention, and work towards the common goal of creating inclusive and diverse workplaces and cultures. Each year we organize a number of professional development opportunities where experts in various fields share best practices, and we hope to see you at these sessions in the coming year.

Contact one of the Ability Employers Co-Chairs to learn more about how to get involved and build your network by email at abilityemployerscanada@gmail.com or visit our social media sites here: Instagram & LinkedIn.