Annual Conference

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Opening Remarks 7:45am

Breakfast 8:00am

Human Rights Commission Working with Abilities 8:15am

Keynote Speaker Lindell Smith 8:30-9:00am

Lieutenant Governor The Honourable Arthur J. LeBlanc and Awards 9am -10:15am

Break 10:15am

Sean McEwen and Stephen Wright , Calgary Alternative Employment Services Leading Inclusion in Your Workplace 10:30-11:30

Lunch 11:30-12:45pm

Sean Wiltshire, Chief Executive Officer of Avalon Employment Inc (AEI).Business Truths Diversity and the Bottom Line 1 1:45-12:45pm

Break 12:45-1:00pm

Shakira Weatherdon, MA Consultant, Uhuru Professional Development Services How to move beyond Implicit Bias and into real Inclusion 1:00pm -2pm

Breakout Sessions 2:10pm-3:20pm

a) Employer Round Table: A Fearless Discussion on Diversity and Inclusion

b) Herbert Kaliisa, Welcoming Communities Coordinator, ISANS

Building Intercultural Competence awareness

As Nova Scotia becomes more culturally diverse, we all need to learn how to welcome and work with newcomers and build a better community together.This session will help you: Increase your understanding of settlement and integration issues Explore ways to welcome and support new immigrants. Develop intercultural relationship building skills for working with new immigrant

c) Marie-Josee Crawford, B.A., CCDP Case Manager/Career Practitioner/Deaf Client Specialist TEAM Work Cooperative

Deaf Awareness Culture

As an emerging speaker, MJ hopes to educate business professionals and other career practitioners on Deaf Culture and inclusive hiring practices, with the ultimate goal of increasing employment and retention among Deaf and hard of hearing individuals

d) Stephanie Berry, CCDP, Med Counselling Psychology, Career Counsellor/Career Practitioner TEAM Work Cooperative

Maximising Opportunities for Women Who Have a “Disability”

This presentation will focus on supportive Employment for women with disabilities. The presentation will identify the background of gender in Canada and existing gaps in the Canadian labour market. The goal of the presentation is to enhance and open the minds of workers as it relates to Gender equity, diversity and career development. The presentation will include a combination of personal story telling a long with the review of theory and data to identify shifts that workers can make in there workplaces.

Judy Turner Conference Chair and Operations Manager TEAM Work Cooperative 3:20pm

Prizes and Wrap Up 3:30pm




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Conference Speakers

Keynote Speaker Lindell Smith 8:30-9:00am

Keynote Speaker 

Lindell Smith is a lifelong resident of North End Halifax, and a proud father of a beautiful daughter. He has a proven commitment to working within his community and has dedicated himself to serving it. He is a co-founder of Center Line Studio, a non-profit recording studio for youth who want to express themselves through art and music. In keeping with his concern for the whole community and its diverse needs, and in response to the rapid growth and changes within his neighbourhood, Lindell, along with other community leaders, started “The One North End Project”. This group of community leaders from around HRM aims to ensure that all residents benefit from this rapid growth together by encouraging new hiring practices for local businesses and holding community engagement sessions.

Lindell was the recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Education and Community Service, he was chosen as one of five Youth Rising Stars for Nova Scotia. He was the first recipient of the Abby Bryant (humanitarian) Award of Excellence, given to a young person who is recognized for outstanding community service, and is a recipient of The Black Business Initiative’s Industry Development Award awarded by the African-Nova Scotian Music Association. In November 2016, Lindell was elected as City Councillor for District 8 Halifax Peninsula.

Sean McEwen 10:30-11:30

Leading Inclusion in Your Workplace

Sean is the Program Manager of Calgary Alternative Employment Services and have also chaired provincial and national boards dedicated to the promotion of workforce inclusion for people with barriers. For the past 16 years he has occupied multiple roles while engaged in the development and management of programs and initiatives to facilitate increased workforce inclusion for people with barriers to employment. He is passionate about continuing to learn from other professionals, the business community and job-seekers in order to improve employment inclusion for the people we serve.

Stephen Wright 10:30-11:30

Leading Inclusion in Your Workplace

Stephen’s cosmic journey in the human services sector has provided me with the wonderful experience of assuming a medley of roles over the last three decades. He has been employed in a variety of positions both in Canada and overseas, with the last 20 years in the area of supported employment. His passion lies in the area of career development, and the design and delivery of training curriculum in the human service industry.

Sean Wiltshire 10:30-11:30

Business Truths, Diversity and the Bottom Line

Award-winning, international speaker Sean Wiltshire has been working in Community and Economic Development for over 21 years. Sean will show audiences how diversity builds innovation and how that innovation leads to increased profitability, productivity and team dynamics. Join Sean for an engaging and entertaining session on how diversity can build your bottom line and your team.

Shakira Weatherdon 1:00pm -2pm

How to move beyond Implicit Bias and into real Inclusion

Dovetailing the inclusive leadership and intercultural skills presentations, this workshop examines how implicit attitudes and stereotypes result in subtle forms of prejudice and undermine your organizations’ effectiveness in fostering inclusion and recruiting diversity