Jarett Burke

Jarett is a big believer in inclusive employment and giving everyone a chance to live up to their inherent potential. He likes to focus on what people "can do" instead of what they "can't." With experience in editing, writing, marketing and administration, you'll find Jarett behind the scenes at TWC doing a little bit of everything. 

Today, Jarett will be your PDI Project Coordinator/CRM Admin.

Cymone Farmer

Born in Halifax and raised on the peninsula, Cymone has spent many years supporting youth and has a passion for helping people reach their full potential. She is actively involved in the community, and is dedicated to breaking down barriers for minority groups. In her spare time, you can find Cymone coaching competitive cheerleading at Halifax Cheer Elite, reading crime/mystery novels, or going on long walks.

Today, Cymone will be your Intake Coordinator. 

Hoon Choi

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Hoon moved to Canada at the age of 9 with his family. He recently graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, major in marketing, and is thrilled to bring his knowledge and experience from school to our organization! Hoon is always a team player who has a smile for everyone and loves collaborating with others to overcome different challenges and tasks. In his down time, Hoon enjoys going to a bar with his friends, watching sports, and spending a nice sunny day by the lake or the beach. 

Xiyu Zhou

Xiyu is a recent finance graduate from Dalhousie University. She did two internships with TEAM Work Cooperative, and she loved the job as she felt she was helping people in the way they needed. Xiyu is grateful to be back in the TEAM Work office, utilizing her degree in a position with CASE (Canadian Association for Supported Employment). In her spare time, Xiyu likes trying new recipes, spending time with her friends and her two dogs.

Today Xiyu will be your Assistant Financial Controller. 

Tyler Field

Born and raised in Halifax, Tyler enjoys being on or beside the ocean, travelling around the world, and sharing food with family and friends. From a family of counsellors his dedication to helping people started at home, continued through financial planning and now through coordinating access to equipment, training, and wage support funding for underrepresented individuals seeking employment.

Today, Tyler is your Opportunities Fund Manager

Jeanette Paynter

For the majority of her career, Jeanette has worked in the accounting field in a not-for-profit organization. Her love of spreadsheets and reconciliations is widely known by those working with her. You will often hear her saying “I can create a spreadsheet for that."

Today Jeanette will be your Financial Controller.

Michelle Barnhill

As a busy mom of two, juggling competing demands comes as second nature. Michelle is the oil that keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes here at TEAM Work. With strong organizational and administrative skills Michelle knows exactly what to do and where to find things. When something needs doing, we can always count on Michelle to say, “That’s fine, no problemo!” Her helpful nature and willingness to support the team are greatly appreciated.

Today Michelle will be your Assistant Financial Controller.