Dave Wareing

Dave is a rock and roll man at heart and enjoys hitting the open road with some hi-fi 70’s tunes. From a young age racing was a passion and he is quick to pick up new skills with ease. His leisure activities are just as diverse as the rest, as he is an excellent cook, enjoys Formula 1 racing, has worked at farmers markets and hitting the winding road to find a good fishing spot.

Today Dave will be your Opportunities Manager.


Jeanette Paynter

For the majority of her career, Jeanette has worked in the accounting field in a not-for-profit organization. Her love of spreadsheets and reconciliations is widely known by those working with her. You will often hear her saying “I can create a spreadsheet for that”.

Today Jeanette will be your Financial Controller Manager.

Michelle Barnhill

As a busy mom of two, juggling competing demands comes as second nature. With strong organizational and administrative skills it is no surprise that Michelle is the oil that keeps everything running smoothly. No matter who walks through the door Michelle creates a welcoming and fun environment for every job seeker and employer alike!

Today Michelle will be your Administrative Assistant.

Angela Bryden

With roots from the Rock, Angela is a rock solid administrator. She has a calm and compassionate manner when greeting job seekers. Built up by a family of carpenters hard work is nailed into her personality. Angela believes in bringing compassion and empathy to her job and strives to provide an experience that enhances the lives of each person she encounters.

Today Angela is your Administrative Assistant.