Kayla Williams

Kayla has a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Studies and has a genuine desire for helping people. She takes great pride in listening and assisting with goals to achieve a beautiful success story. She is passionate about inclusion and diversity and believes in opportunities for all. In her free time, you can often find her sitting on a sports field, cheering on her son or having a family movie night — surrounded by lots of snacks.

Today, Kayla will be your Case Manager. 

Jesse Hatch

Hailing from small-town Ontario, Jesse is grateful to call K'jipuktuk/Halifax their new home. With a background in frontline service, they are committed to centering inclusion, accessibility and community solidarity in their work. Outside the office, you can find Jesse making ceramics, sharing a meal with friends or hiking by the ocean - preferably with a good podcast. 

Today Jesse will be your Case Manager.

D'Arcy Poultney

With successes in the academic, business, and community sectors, D’Arcy has a broad range of experience collaborating with diverse individuals, priority groups, and decision makers. D’Arcy is committed to assisting individuals to achieve self-reliance in their lives, families, and communities. He looks forward to working with you.

Today, D’Arcy will be your Case Manager.

Kysha Bowden

Born and raised in Halifax, working with clients has always been a passion. With a big heart, kind soul and thirst for knowledge, she is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. When she is not at work, you could find her by the water reading, and taking in all the universe has to offer. 

Today Kysha will be your Case Manager / Lead - Women's Services 

Abigail Rogers

Abby was originally a co-op student from Dalhousie. Her experiences working with multiple community organizations led her to TEAM Work and we were lucky to keep her! Abby grew up in the beautiful Annapolis Valley but now considers Halifax to be her home. Walking into Abby’s office, you’ll feel vibrant but peaceful energy from the many plants she has squeezed in! She feels the right environment is a crucial aspect of working through goals. In her free time, you’ll find Abby gardening, reading a good thriller, or cooking something new.

James Smith

Born in Halifax and raised in the small town of Middle Musquodoboit, James learned that neighbors are important and should stick together, and thus he decided he wanted to help people for a living. Whether critiquing a resume or helping a friend move, James is always game and always smiling. 

Today James will be your Case Manager Team Lead.

Marie-Josée Crawford

MJ is deaf since birth, and for the past 25 years, she has worked as a passionate advocate with deaf/hard of hearing individuals. When engaging with her clients and colleagues, she loves to discuss accessibility, deaf culture awareness and American Sign Language. Being strategic and creative in accommodations, MJ strives to tackle challenging employment paths; and, as an enthusiastic person and a dedicated volunteer, MJ enjoys playing some sports, travelling, watching movies and socializing with friends and family.

Today MJ will be your Case Manager/ Deaf Client Specialist.