Abigail Rogers

Abigal was originally a co-op student from Dalhousie (where she completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree) and is now a full-time employee. Her experiences working with multiple community organizations led her to TEAM Work and we were luckly to keep her! Abigail grew up in rural Nova Scotia and is actively engaged in her community. She's proud to call Nova Scotia home! In her free time, she enjoys exploring Halifax with friends and reading a good book.

Today Abigail will be your Case Manager. 

Susan Wheaton

Susan comes to us from rural Nova Scotia where she grew up on a farm. It was there that she divcovered her passion for nature and developed a love for animals. Susan's early career experiences brought her to work with people with disabilities where she envisioned a future of inclusive spaces for all. Susan works tirelessly to champion her clients so they can go on to live their best lives.

Today Susan will be your Case Manager. 

James Smith

Born in Halifax and raised in the small town of Middle Musquodoboit, James learned that neighbors are important and should stick together, and thus he decided he wanted to help people for a living. Whether critiquing a resume or helping a friend move, James is always game and always smiling. 

Today James will be your Case Manager. 

Kayla Bagnell

Kayla hails from Cape Breton and has seen and lived in many parts of our country (including Nunavut). As an avid learner, Kayla spends her time reading, cooking and gaming. She loves learning about her clients and is very passionate about empowering them to grow and achieve their goals! She wholeheartedly believes everyone deserves to find meaningful employment and works hard to make that happen. Outside of work, you'll find her soaking up all that Halifax has to offer.

Today Kayla is your Case Manager. 

Marie-Josée Crawford

MJ is a passionate advocate for deaf cultural awareness! Her love of American Sign Language shines through when she engages with her clients and colleagues alike. An avid skier, MJ works with her clients to tackle even the steepest slopes on their employment path. A dedicated volunteer and mother of two, MJ is always busy and engaged.

Today MJ will be your Case Manager/ Deaf Client Specialist.