Digital Literacy Program

Sam Holt

Sam grew up in a small fishing village just outside of Halifax, he lived in different cities across the world, but his love of the ocean and the Maritimes brought him back to Nova Scotia. Sam has an interest in how things work, giving him a constant curiosity and desire to problem solve. His background in social work, design, and entrepreneurship, help provide a solid foundation for job development.

Today Sam will be your Job Developer for the Digital Literacy Program.

Lynn Bruyere

In winter you will find Lynn on the Ski Hill in a red jacket helping those who fall down. In summer she’ll most likely be in the Lake. Throughout the work day, Lynn’s specializes in implementing diverse and equitable initiatives that improve the culture of an organization. Lynn has fifteen years of experience in recruitment, project, and talent management. Lynn is also a certified instructor and human resource partner for the Canadian Ski Patrol and Events Coordinator for Ability Employers Association.

Today Lynn will be your Digital Literacy Program Coordinator.

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