Randy Reede

With over 17 years of experience supporting the non-profit community, Randy brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Giving customers the right resources to make informed decisions is important to him. When Randy is not busy making connections within the community, you can find him at the gym, near the ocean or listening to music.

Today Randy will be your Community Resource Navigator.

Tara Parsons

If you need a resume and cover letter, Tara is your person! She has extensive experience working with clients from all walks of life. She hails from small-town Nova Scotia, but her heart lies in Middle Earth where she moonlights as a Hobbit. Not only does she have extensive experience working with people, but Tara is also the Accessibility Coordinator for Hal-Con, A SciFi Fantasy Convention where she is responsible for ensuring the convention meets the access needs of all folks in attendance.  

Maggie Morden

Maggie spent 5 years following university living in L’arche; sharing life with people with and without disabilities in intentional community. Looking for a slower pace of life, Maggie left Ontario and moved to Cape Breton in 2018 despite never being to the East Coast before. Captivated by life by the ocean, at the beginning of 2021, Maggie transitioned from rural life in Cape Breton, moving to Dartmouth to become a supportive roommate. Maggie enjoys a quiet life of watching movies and spending time with friends.

Today Maggie is your Employment Support Practitioner.

Denise Dunn

Denise hails from Halifax and having both parents with disabilities, has always been a strong advocate for persons with disabilities. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Mount St Vincent University; and she also has over 25 years of management/supervisory work experience including 15 years in supported employment in a social enterprise. Denise enjoys going for walks in her Dartmouth neighborhood and having chats with her neighbors and exploring Nova Scotia. Denise will always lend you a helping hand.

Today Denise is your Employment Support Practitioner.

Jason Fernandes

As an immigrant from a developing country, Jason has a wide view of what it means to work with clients in diverse fields. He is passionate about helping people to meet their full potential, be it in employment, or education. Having worked with diverse groups of persons who are marginalized, he wears an empathetic lens, and uses a Need-Based, and Solution-Focused approach to allow clients to make decisions that are suitable to their well-being.

Today, Jason will be your Career Counsellor.

Templeton Sawyer

Templeton Tyler Sawyer is a Youth Advocate who believes in education and growth. He is from Treasure Cay Abaco, Bahamas. He graduated with his Associate diploma degree in Marketing & Advertising Management from Holland College. He is currently in Halifax Nova Scotia to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, minoring in Non-profit leadership at Mount Saint Vincent University, and working with TEAM Work as another valuable member of our team. Templeton enjoys the development, life skills and opportunities teamwork offers.

Jonathan Hall

Jonathan is an advocate for diversity and inclusion and believes in meeting others where they are in life. As he works with career practitioners, postsecondary institutions, and clients, Jonathan is a researcher, navigator, strategist, and administrator. Jonathan can help figure out a plan and works to identify potential assessments, supports, and resources, when needed, for people with disabilities interested in post-secondary education.

Today Jonathan is your Skills Development Accessibility Coordinator.  

Jeff Vander Velde

Jeff is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the job search process and is always willing to go that extra mile for clients. He is very creative, animated, engaging when presenting, and regularly shares his personal experiences to back up the content. With years of sales experience, lifelong learning, and a stint as an entrepreneur, Jeff has the professional life experience to teach clients how to sell themselves and what employers are looking for.

Today Jeff is your Workshop Facilitator.

Pratibha Popat

Pratibha is a trusted Career Practitioner with solid knowledge of current, local human resources and employment practices. She applies her extensive Human Resources expertise and knowledge of the public, private, and non-profit sectors, to develop and connect with inclusive and supportive employers. She's known for her warmth and humour, and loves dogs, helping people, travelling and playing cards with her Dad.

Today Pratibha is your Employer Engagement Specialist.

Angela Bryden

With roots from the Rock, Angela is a rock solid administrator. She has a calm and compassionate manner when greeting job seekers. Built up by a family of carpenters hard work is nailed into her personality. Angela believes in bringing compassion and empathy to her job and strives to provide an experience that enhances the lives of each person she encounters.

Today Angela will be your Information Resource Specialist.