Jeff Vander Velde

Meet Jeff.

Coming from a small business family, working hard alongside his father and brothers, Jeff has learned a few things about business. His career path has lead him into several business development and sales roles in a variety of professions as well as trying his hand at owning and operating his own business. He loves team sports and making people laugh. All combined, helping find work is rewarding and a calling he is passionate about.

Today Jeff is your Job Developer.

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Matt Jamieson

Meet Matt.

Matt hails from Nova Scotia but he loves to travel and experience new cultures. Although he holds space in the office, you will rarely find him there as he’s well known in the community for supporting people on the job. His career spans twenty years supporting people with disabilities across the country, but today Matt calls TEAM Work his home. You’ll find him spending time with his family and gaming with his 3 nephews during his off time.

Today Matt will be your Employment Support Practitioner.

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Pratibha Popat

Meet Pratibha.

Pratibha moved to Canada at the age of 5 from Uganda. Known for her warmth and humor, she creates a comfortable space as people regain their hope in the job search process. Trustworthy, genuine and straightforward she seeks out the right information to make the best matches for employer and employees alike.

Today Pratibha is your Job Developer.

Welcome to TEAM Work