Mental Health in Dangerous Times - Living Well in Uncertain Times (10am)

*Women only*

Very few people like uncertainty. Yet we living in very uncertain times because of covid-19. Moreover,  job search and starting a new job are times of great uncertainty. It requires proper tools (worksheets), determination and courage to live, let alone job search at this time. This is a three part specialty workshop to provide participants with tools. The workshop is grounded in education, homework using specific tools, and discussion in a safe, supportive workshop environment. The first step is to look at what emotions we are feeling.  When we identify what emotions we are experiencing, we have a better idea of what strategies  to use to go about our day and achieve our goals. We then move into working with uncertainty itself, understanding what is certain and what is not. Participants will leave the three sessions with a workbook of working sheets which they can refer to over time.

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