Lloyd Thomas

After almost a decade as an Employment Support Practitioner here at TWC, Lloyd has now taken on the role as a Business Coach with the GO-3D team. He’ll help you explore your business ideas and get you started in the right direction, while providing a safe space for you to talk openly about your experiences. Client centered, he takes looks at your strengths and supports you in finding the path that is right for you! 

Today Lloyd is your Business Coach

Pratibha Popat

Pratibha is a trusted Career Practitioner with solid knowledge of current, local human resources and employment practices. She applies her extensive Human Resources expertise and knowledge of the public, private, and non-profit sectors, to develop and connect with inclusive and supportive employers. She's known for her warmth and humour, and loves dogs, helping people, travelling and playing cards with her Dad.

Today Pratibha is your Employer Engagement Specialist.

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Shakira Weatherdon 1:00pm -2pm

How to move beyond Implicit Bias and into real Inclusion

Dovetailing the inclusive leadership and intercultural skills presentations, this workshop examines how implicit attitudes and stereotypes result in subtle forms of prejudice and undermine your organizations’ effectiveness in fostering inclusion and recruiting diversity

Sean Wiltshire 10:30-11:30

Business Truths, Diversity and the Bottom Line

Award-winning, international speaker Sean Wiltshire has been working in Community and Economic Development for over 21 years. Sean will show audiences how diversity builds innovation and how that innovation leads to increased profitability, productivity and team dynamics. Join Sean for an engaging and entertaining session on how diversity can build your bottom line and your team.

Stephen Wright 10:30-11:30

Leading Inclusion in Your Workplace

Stephen’s cosmic journey in the human services sector has provided me with the wonderful experience of assuming a medley of roles over the last three decades. He has been employed in a variety of positions both in Canada and overseas, with the last 20 years in the area of supported employment. His passion lies in the area of career development, and the design and delivery of training curriculum in the human service industry.

Michelle Barnhill

As a busy mom of two, juggling competing demands comes as second nature. Michelle is the oil that keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes here at TEAM Work. With strong organizational and administrative skills Michelle knows exactly what to do and where to find things. When something needs doing, we can always count on Michelle to say, “That’s fine, no problemo!” Her helpful nature and willingness to support the team are greatly appreciated.

Today Michelle will be your Assistant Financial Controller.

Marcus Jamieson

Coming from a small Nova Scotia town, Marcus has always had a connection with people. His family were very involved in their small community and this has translated into his work at TEAM Work. You will often see Marcus running around the office helping both staff and clients!

Today Marcus will be your Executive Director.


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