Neighbourhood Conversations - A Nova Scotia Works Podcast

Neighbour. Teammate. Leader.

Neighbourhood Conversations keeps you current in diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives in Nova Scotia and highlights the leaders and change-makers that make it all possible.


Episode 17 - Ann MacGregor

Career Connections' Ann MacGregor Joins Us To Talk About Engagement In The Workplace, And Growing Throughout Your Career.


Episode 16 - Joel Murphy 

Joel Murphy from St.F.X's Centre for Employment Innovation joins us to talk about community engagement, and focusing on the capabilities of people.


Episode 15 - April Adams

Indigenous advocate April Adams joins us to talk about the importance of community, productive dialogue, and putting ourselves in the shoes of others.


Episode 14 - Frank O'Sullivan & M.J. Crawford

Frank O'Sullivan and M.J. Crawford join us to talk about sign language, the deaf community in Halifax, how the deaf and hard of hearing communicate, and much more!


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