Supporting Employers

Recruit. Retain. Develop. 

TEAM Work Cooperative is a first-rate, highly trusted source of new talent for your business. As one of 17 Nova Scotia Works Centres across the province, we provide employment support services for employers and offer them unique access to the labour force.

We will work with your business to find talented employees and connect you with resources that support recruitment and retention, as well as drive long-term success.


A Team of Professional

Employer Engagement Specialist
Works with your business to determine staffing needs, develop future hiring plans and help build inclusive, diverse workplaces.

Job Developers
Works together with your business to find talent, educate and train potential employees, and assist you in developing your workforce.

Employment Support Practitioners
Offers on-the-job support in order to increase employee potential, as well as boost their overall satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.

We Can Also Help With...

Accessibility Education
As part of our mission of advocating for inclusive workplaces, we offer training and supports for businesses seeking to build inclusion-friendly, diverse work cultures.

Funding and Wage Subsidies
We offer a variety of funding opportunities and will work with you to determine the best fit for your business (e.g. wage subsidies, accessibility supports, education, training and employee support).