Daniel Riley

Meet Daniel.

Originally from the U.K., Daniel grew up with a keen interest in helping others. He is also an avid soccer fan, and if you can’t find him in the office he is likely out on the soccer field. As with most things, the key to success comes down to teamwork, and he gets a kick out of working in collaboration with others to help them reach their goals.

Today Daniel will be your Case Manager.

Welcome to TEAM Work

Hannah Hefler

Meet Hannah.

Born a Prairie girl in Alberta, raised a Maritimer, Hannah has called Nova Scotia her home for over 30 years. Her dedication and passion for helping others comes from her own personal experiences. Hannah believes that everyone deserves to have a meaningful career and will help you think out of the box to achieve it if that’s what it takes!

Today Hannah is your Women’s Team Lead.

Welcome to TEAM Work

Marcus Jamieson

Meet Marcus.

Coming from a small Nova Scotia town, Marcus has always had a connection with people. His family were very involved in their small community and this has translated into his work at TEAM Work. You will often see Marcus running around the office helping both staff and clients!

Today Marcus will be your Provincial Coordinator.

Welcome to TEAM Work

Jude Turner

Meet Jude.

If you’re looking for solutions, advice, knowledge and someone to get things done, ask Jude! Jude has been advocating and assisting clients to secure and maintain employment for over 20 years at TEAM Work! She is a go-getter, motivator, marathoner, approachable and always willing to help!

Today Jude is your Operations Manager.

Welcome to TEAM Work

Janice Ainsworth

Meet Janice.

Janice grew up in Nova Scotia in a family of hard working entrepreneurs. These early-assimilated business skills together with a passion to help people transferred to her role as leader of TEAM Work Cooperative. Janice brings business with heart and a passionate sense of fairness to help in finding a workplace for everyone. After work, you will find her spending time with family, friends, grandson Liam and riding her Harley.

Today Janice will be your Executive Director.

Welcome to TEAM Work

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